Founder and Pharmacist


- Munaver Ahmad


- 45 years old




- Munaver Ahmad Nazir Ahmad has been in the Community Pharmacy Practice for 20 years. He is one of the Community Pharmacists involved in the recently revised Community Pharmacy PRP Logbook, May 2017, and is the speaker for the Training of Preceptors to the Principal and Master Preceptor in the Community Pharmacy sector. He is the Managing Director of Salphy Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd, a Community Pharmacy focusing on Halal-Centric practice, pharmaceutical care, medication safety and patient safety. He is also the CEO of Pharmagene Sdn Bhd, a pharmaceutical company focusing on nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. He is the Chairman of the Selangor Muslim Pharmacists Cooperative Pte. Ltd. (2016-2018). He is also one of the pioneer Community Pharmacists to be involved in the CCM, MPC, CEDAR, SME Bank “Halal Pharmapreneur Accelerator Programme 2017”. He is actively involved with many community outreach programs and public lectures in various higher institutions, and currently is the CEDAR (Centre of Development and Research), SME Bank Business Specialist, a member of the Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy Postgraduate Program Advisory Panel, member of the National Advisory Board for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Lincoln University College BPharm (Hons) Program, external lecturer of Pharmacy Management of Universiti Malaya.